There are many levels to the building process depending on the size, zoning & complexity. Sometimes even a basic building application can trigger move complex requirements At times people will ask a Builder or Building Certifier what it is they need to do. Your first port of call needs to be a Building Designer or.. read more →

A Building Certifier will pass you on to a Building Designer, Architect or Draftsperson. If we take a basic example where a building application is required under a self-assessable application relating directly to a residential house, which does not trigger any development issues then the process will be the following. A Building Designer or Architect.. read more →

If you were building a new house I would recommend you do the following: Engage a Quantity Surveyor to establish what the house should be costing to build (with in reason). Next: Have the quote put out for tender. You can then pass this on to builders you know & restrict how many builders you.. read more →

There are a number of critical issues that should be considered before a building design can be completed. Some blocks of land may seem ideal when considering the size and layout of the house. However, there is a process called “Siting the House” Other areas need to be considered: How much of the block needs.. read more →