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  • Are you starting from the beginning?
  • Do you know what to do next?
  • How far have you got?

The design and building process can be complicated, drawn out and at times stressful, if you are not sure what it is you are doing or where you need to turn, don’t worry – we are here to help!

I have had personal experiences on many levels within the construction industry and understand better than most about the situations people can find themselves in.

We can help to remove the stress and wasted time by assisting you with everything from creating the complete design, to the certification and building process, thus ensuring a more pleasant experience.

Why use Drafting Concepts?

Drafting Concepts provides a whole supply chain from concept to your final design and working drawings. This service includes:

  • Consulting to identify your needs
  • Working on creative ideas from sketch to detailed drawings
  • Liaison with engineers, certifiers and council as necessary
  • Identify any siting, drainage or easement concerns

If you need help to get started, then take your first step by contacting us today on 0403 829 376. Visit our contact page, or simply use the form below.

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