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Our promise to you is that we provide drawings that are accurate, detailed, on time & at a reasonable cost consistently.

Drafting Concepts is a focused and specialised Drafting Office that is highly flexible & will work with you to provide the best outcome for your client.

brisbane drafting service queenslandOur drafting service can work to your in house requirements and specifications to give you quality drawings at a competitive price – we service everything from minor building alterations and extensions to large scale Volume Home & Home Development projects. Call us today on 0403 829 376 to get started today!

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For Renovator/DIY

Come in to share your ideas! We will sit down with you for 1 hour to go through what you have mind, obligation free. This step alone has saved people from making regrettable decisions & possibly saving thousands of dollars.

We are a member of the Queensland Building Design Association (QBDA) & Queensland Master Builders Association (QMBA) which means we are kept up to date with the latest changes & improvements with in the industry.

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Our Residential Design & Drafting Services include:

New house, extensions, alterations & renovations. We also cater for ‘Show Cause Notices’ (where Council have issued you a notice to rectify or obtain approval for structures)

Our Consultancy service includes organising & obtaining quotes as necessary from Engineers, Surveyors, Building Certifiers, Quantity Surveyors, Tenders & Defect Reports. You can decide how much of this you want to do for yourself.

If you choose to use our services we will design a building with in your budget & you will know what your building cost should be before you hand the plans to a Builder & know which are the preferred builder’s. You will also understand, which Building Contracts are best suited to the client, not the builder. We will take it from Design to the point where you can sign a Building Contract

We are not builders or developers & do not engage in kickbacks. We do charge a minimal fee to organise & communicate the process depending on your level of involvement. This could save you $$$$ & a great deal of time.

Come in & talk to use with a no obligation consultation & see how we can help you.

Sunshine Coast Drafting Services by Daryl Wood, Maroochydore’s Building Design Services Specialist.
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Drafting Concepts, your SunshineCoast Drafting Service Professionals, are ready and waiting to hear from you. Just listen to what Daryl Wood, Business Owner of Drafting Concepts has to say:

We don’t have special gimmicks or offers we provide a professional service where our motto is ‘Just do what it is you have said you will do’.

Principals Message

As a licensed building designer, qualified carpenter and a person that has been through the building process on more than one occasion, I have a unique understanding of the pit-falls and traps experienced by people venturing into designing, planning and building their own homes.

Drafting Concepts is more than an architectural drafting business; it is a home building consultancy where the inversus is on customer satisfaction and repeat business where word of month and secondary work from clients are our objectives.

My organization ensures that you are able to navigate the sometimes tricky, and often frustrating business of designing your new home, adding value through renovations, or if you are a developer, assisting you to meet your client deadlines.

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