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The design of a house or an addition to a home requires a systematic and rationale approach to design. Design is about combining creative concepts with form and function.  Begin your design process by looking around at display homes or through design magazines, identify what you want, and what you can afford. Once you have.. read more →

Information here has been sourced from the BDAQ Copyright Handbook, by R D Brandon First edition Aug 2001 & permission granted to use it. For most of us there is a misconception as to what is Copyright. The Copyright laws are most difficult to fully understand & even more difficult to manage. For this reason.. read more →

The Copyright owner: THE AUTHOR OF THE ORIGINAL WORK Generally the person who gives “expression to the ideas or information” i.e. The person who does the drawing even if it is a drawing of someone else’s ideas. Except An employee preparing drawings under the terms of employment does not own copyright. Government usually retains copyright.. read more →

You may be infringing on a copyright by: Reproducing, making public, broadcasting the work or part of the work (not necessarily a proportionally large part but should be an important part). Authorising any of the above &/or using material that infringes the above. Note that importing; selling or distributing infringing material is also an infringement of.. read more →

IN BRIEF SO FAR No copyright exists in ideas or concepts Client does not own copyright Designer owns copyright in designs & drawings Designer licences the client to use the work CLIENTS SKETCHES Client owns copyright in the sketch Client provides licence for the designer to use the work for a purpose Designer owns copyright.. read more →

Common Misconceptions about Copyright: WRONG The law states that you are not infringing copyright if you do not know the work is subject to copyright. WRONG The client has paid for the work & therefore owns the copyright. Unless copyright is assigned, the client is only licensed to deal with the work in a particular.. read more →

Every industry has it jargon, we are no different & it would be good just to wave yours eyes over these items. You will pick them up quickly once you become more involved in the building process. BA                   Building Application DA                  Development Application read more →

FROM A DESIGNER’S POINT OF VIEW Never knowingly copy the work of another copyright owner without specific written permission. Maintain quality files Obtain warranty & indemnity agreement from the client. Provide adequate warnings to clients regarding copyright This is really only toughing the surface. I will add more information over time. Be sure to check.. read more →

An urban/town planner’s work can involve large-scale projects such as new suburbs, towns, industrial areas, commercial and retail developments, urban renewal projects and transportation links. Is a Person or company that can bring together information required from Council so that a Development Application can be submitted to Council. read more →