Daryl Wood Director of Drafting Concepts Pty Ltd is thrilled by the opportunity to expand & deliver specialty services to the construction industry.
Drafting Concepts Pty Ltd is looking at selective builders who would like to have better control of their drafting requirements & look to expand their businesses without being restricted by this bottle neck.

Management at Drafting Concepts have pin-pointed areas of the industry where quality of service & product remain poor or non-existent with in the Drafting Profession.
We will endeavour to fill the gap we see in the industry.


Drafting Concepts Pty Ltd formally trading as Drafting Concepts. Licensed to undertake work up to 3 storey’s.
Experienced with in all facets of the industry, using this knowledge to design better homes & solve any issues before they become problems.
Our Management has experience with actual hands on building construction knowledge from set out to completion which means we know the issues that builders face from start to finish. We have the capacity to look after the requirements from general public through to unit development or one off house projects.

Relevant Experience:

Our experience gained over the years comes from the smallest Show cause notices from the general public, to design & supply of construction drawings for unit developments & everything in between. We have undertaken our own development & housing construction projects & look to expand this in the future. We have worked through many processes with local council’s & consultants on many levels & continue to learn & grow with the implication of ongoing government rules & regulations.

Drafting Concepts are members of Building Design Association of Queensland.

How Does Drafting Concepts fit into your plans:


If you are out sourcing all or some of your work we are confident that our service will be better & guarantee it.


Here’s how we can make life easier for you!

Our Director will make an appointment to suit you. He will sit down with you & evaluate your requirements & run through how Drafting Concepts can develop solutions to your drafting needs.
Our Specialist service will:
1/ Guaranteed same day minor changes (provided material is submitted before 9.00am) Minor changes, meaning anything that takes under 20 minutes. You will be notified immediately if this is not to be the case.
2/ No additional charges for same day changes
3/ Any other changes outside of the contract conditions will be quoted prior to starting & returned with in three business days
4/ 10 working days for construction drawing turnaround.

Director’s Message:

As a very experienced draftsman I get to see a lot of plans from competitors, some very good but the majority not so good.
Some builders have come to realise this is quite a problem with in their business & still do not recognised that to provide quality drawings requires a quality professional with experience.
The fees for quantity work & service far out weights the price to fix issues & reputations.

I have trained in retail service industry, manufacturing & design of proprietary built components (trusses, floor system) drafting for volume builders & at times more complicated issues from the general public. A quality draftsman needs to have experience in a wide range of fields.
The most important issues from the design & construction point of view is the siting & associated earth works & floor levels as this will decide whether you have made money or good money on the job.

As a quality design & drafting service we will not compete to the lowest price.
We will provide a superior, accurate set of plans to save you a lot more than just a few dollars.

How to get started:

Want to know more? Find out how we can help you with your drafting project by contacting Daryl Wood and the Drafting Concepts team today via our online form or on 0403 829 376.