Information here has been sourced from the BDAQ Copyright Handbook, by R D Brandon First edition Aug 2001 & permission granted to use it. For most of us there is a misconception as to what is Copyright. The Copyright laws are most difficult to fully understand & even more difficult to manage. For this reason.. read more →

The Copyright owner: THE AUTHOR OF THE ORIGINAL WORK Generally the person who gives “expression to the ideas or information” i.e. The person who does the drawing even if it is a drawing of someone else’s ideas. Except An employee preparing drawings under the terms of employment does not own copyright. Government usually retains copyright.. read more →

You may be infringing on a copyright by: Reproducing, making public, broadcasting the work or part of the work (not necessarily a proportionally large part but should be an important part). Authorising any of the above &/or using material that infringes the above. Note that importing; selling or distributing infringing material is also an infringement of.. read more →

IN BRIEF SO FAR No copyright exists in ideas or concepts Client does not own copyright Designer owns copyright in designs & drawings Designer licences the client to use the work CLIENTS SKETCHES Client owns copyright in the sketch Client provides licence for the designer to use the work for a purpose Designer owns copyright.. read more →

Common Misconceptions about Copyright: WRONG The law states that you are not infringing copyright if you do not know the work is subject to copyright. WRONG The client has paid for the work & therefore owns the copyright. Unless copyright is assigned, the client is only licensed to deal with the work in a particular.. read more →

FROM A DESIGNER’S POINT OF VIEW Never knowingly copy the work of another copyright owner without specific written permission. Maintain quality files Obtain warranty & indemnity agreement from the client. Provide adequate warnings to clients regarding copyright This is really only toughing the surface. I will add more information over time. Be sure to check.. read more →