Every industry has it jargon, we are no different & it would be good just to wave yours eyes over these items. You will pick them up quickly once you become more involved in the building process. BA                   Building Application DA                  Development Application read more →

An urban/town planner’s work can involve large-scale projects such as new suburbs, towns, industrial areas, commercial and retail developments, urban renewal projects and transportation links. Is a Person or company that can bring together information required from Council so that a Development Application can be submitted to Council. read more →

A Building Certifier is a Person or company that undertakes Residential and Commercial Building Approvals, Inspections and Certification services on all classes of buildings and structures from Residential to Commercial & Industrial since July 1998. read more →

Architects are responsible for designing and implementing residential and commercial building concepts. They work with project managers, contractors and engineers to develop safe buildings that adhere to building codes and construction regulations. Architects must have a bachelor’s degree, several years of experience and licensure to practice. read more →

Put simply a Building Designer can technically do anything a Architect can do, provided they carry the appropriate licences. In Queensland a Building Designer will need a Queensland Building Services Authority Licence (QBSA). read more →