If you are a building professional then we may be able to help improve your current service.

Do you get calls from suppliers or contractors querying information on the plans?

Are you being overcharged for minor/major changes.

Do you wait days or weeks for drawing changes?

Are you having problems with poor quality information where there is not enough detail available to correctly evaluate the site and/or building?

What services do we provided?

Drafting Concepts is a “One Stop Shop” for all your design and drafting needs. Our drafting services provide a comprehensive series of drawings that provide all the detail you need to engage a builder. The following list of drawing services are some of what you can expect from us:

Drawing Site Plans including:

  • Siting your house
  • Set-out and dimensioning house layouts
  • Cut and filling requirements
  • Retaining wall heights and locations
  • Storm water and site drainage
  • Driveway design and gradients layouts

Drawing floor plans including:

  • Arranging design elements
  • Detailed dimensioning and layout details

Creating accurate elevation drawings including:

  • Ground levels
  • Retaining heights
  • Floor levels

Slab layout plans including:

  • Concrete work floor layout and dimensions
  • External concrete areas
  • Wet area dimensions

Subfloor plans

Creating subfloors in a specialist area and requires strict compliance with Australian Standards, this includes and understanding of:

  • Piers and/or engaged walls
  • Joists and bearer configuration and timber sizes
  • Brick wall heights
  • Dimensioning and layout of steel stumps

Bracing plans & Tie-down including:

  • Timber framing (all levels)
  • Subfloor plans including engaged brick pier construction or dura-gal steel stump configuration


Electrical plans including:

  • Standard electrical configuration for furniture planning and layout

Interested in a Free Quote?

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