How do I get building approval for my carport?

Where do I start with my carport?

What does it cost to get building approval for my carport?

This information is general in nature and each council or even estates may have variations on these.

If you would like to build a carport with in any of the building setbacks, then there a few things you will need to know, (#) Building setbacks may vary but generally under a detached dwelling arrangement the setbacks are 6.0m to the front outer most point (fas) and 1.5 to side and rear OMP’s.

  • Need to establish where the existing house is located on the block. There are a couple of ways to do this.
    • Obtain existing plans from council. If the house is over 20 years old, I have find these plans either not available, lacking in required measurements or the building has not been set out correctly. Refer form -‘Application for copies of building plans’. Under ‘Residential’ – ‘Complete set of original house or duplex plans’ tick Architectural (floor, site and elevations only). It would also be advisable to tick ‘Additional structures’ where applicable.
    • Have the block surveyed. This will cost approximately $770 – $1000.00 depending on level of detail required.
    • At times it may be possible to do without this expense provided the carport is being built to the front setback.
  • Need to establish services and property details. These will cost approximately $100.00
    • Title search- owners name and any easements on the title.(there may be other searches that are required from this document)
    • Land survey search – boundary measurements and degrees.
    • As-constructed search for sewer mains & jump up points.
  • Design. Council requires the design of the structure to comply with their guide lines.

Costs to obtain building approval will come from varies quarters.
(Estimates only, site specific).

  • When building with in the setback areas the council will charge approximately $920.00 for Relaxation (for the privilege) and the Building Certifier $170.00 for administration.
  • Building Certifiers (building Approval fees) start at $900.00 which would include council building fees.
  • Engineer for footing details $350.00
  • Drafting plans start $770.00 which include site visit and depending on information supplied)
  • Search fees as outlined earlier approx. $33 ea.
  • Existing plan or survey fees note include.


Drafting Concepts can arrange these consultants as part of client service. 

This is a broad outline of the process to have a carport built with in the setbacks, there are many issues that may also need to be addressed in the design stage and are site specific.

If you would like us to help you obtain ‘Building Approval” then we would be happy to help.

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