Whether it is an office that needs fitting out or a house for renovation then we can help.

Mainly the call to provide floor plans comes from commercial sector whereas site measuring (surveying) forms part of the renovation process.

This has always been part of our business and now more so than ever as people look to renovate rather than purchasing an upgraded property.

At Drafting Concepts we look to acquire the latest techniques (software & hardware) along with developing our own measuring equipment to help in this specific area. By doing this we can provide fast, accurate at a reasonable price to our clients. At times this will alleviate the need for a costly registered surveyor.

The end product can be either CAD dwg or PDF file formats.

onsite measuring service

Who will require this service?

Commercial owners looking to fit-out existing or new buildings that only require an floor plan to pass on to their Designer, Builder or even Council.

One other requirement is to provide a service with in a service. Many times the existing plans are not available for people looking to renovate so we utilize our skills in creating the basis of the initial drawings.

This could also be useful with in the real estate industry to provide basic floor plan layouts.

How do we fit in with your plans?

If you are a Builder or Designer that does not have the equipment, time or simply not in our location then you may be pleasantly surprized as to the cost of our services. After years of experience we know what to look for and how to do it.


If you are renovating then we can provide this service just to supply the as-constructed floor plan only or continue with the whole design and construction drawings if needed. You may just prefer the initial plan so that you can develop your ideas over time.

If you are in the Real Estate industry we can provide this service with addition ascetics, where furniture and colour, help dress up the plans for presentation purposes.

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