If you were building a new house I would recommend you do the following:

Engage a Quantity Surveyor to establish what the house should be costing to build (with in reason).


  1. Have the quote put out for tender.
  2. You can then pass this on to builders you know & restrict how many builders you want to quote by picking ones you have researched, stick with 4 to 6 builders.

    By doing the quantity survey you will know which builders are pricing to much or not enough & you should be able to establish why this is the case if you have a tender report carried out once the quotes have been received.

    This process could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

  3. Have the builder use a Queensland Building Services Authority (QBSA) contract for best client protection
  4. Once you have chosen the builder & signed the contract life should be a little better knowing you have done the best you can do to protect yourself. Which by the way is more than probably 99% of the rest of the population does.

    The services that we provide can take you through these services with minium stress.

This again is a simplified look at the process, there are a lot of other factors that you will be required to work through, like the type of fit out you require in the house to the colour section but at least we can remove the most important part of the process leaving you more time to create the home you will be happy with.

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