There are a number of critical issues that should be considered before a building design can be completed. Some blocks of land may seem ideal when considering the size and layout of the house. However, there is a process called “Siting the House”

Other areas need to be considered:

  • How much of the block needs to be cut & how much is fill. Importing fill costs money. Exporting fill costs money.
  • How high the retaining walls will be & whether it complies with Local Council Regulations.
  • What drainage is required?
  • Is the blocking sloping to the back & if so has the sewer & stormwater got fall to these areas.

Generally new estates cater for services to the rear of these blocks but older areas do not always.

A builder can provide a price to the last cent on the actual construction of the house except the siting & footing requirements. Always there are causes should unforseen events happen (like rock). If proper soil tests are carried out then some items can be addressed.

If you are going to be hit with a variation it will generally be in this area.

You could blow your budget before the building is out of the ground.

Generally the flatter the block is, the cheaper it is to build on provided the land is not fill or toxic waste.

Be wherry of so called budget plans (which are over priced anyway) where the siting is considered as a free token give away.

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