The first and best approach to getting started is to discuss your design needs with our drafting design team. There are a couple of key things you should consider including the approximate size of your house, the level of detail you want in a plan (i.e. electrical layout, quantity surveying, and/or full site plans). We also need to know how much work you have already completed like gaining existing site plans, and soil tests. Generally, though, an estimate for many jobs can be done over the phone.  However, to get an accurate quote, we will ask for more detailed information.

Costs will depend on the service you want us to perform. If you are looking for complete guidance to getting quotes from consultants, we will need to work through the council, get engineers reports, soil samples and site layouts plans. This will be more costly than creating a design for a deck.

Once we have identified the nature of our service to you we can give you a formal written quote. We will require a deposit prior to starting.

Drawing changes:

As part of our service we provide free minor changes to all designs and drawings and providing they take less than 15 minutes can be returned within 5 hours. However, major changes may need to be requoted.

Interested in a Free Quote?

If you would like a no obligation inspection, a free drafting services quotation on your project, or just a chat about your proposal, head on over to our easy online ‘request a free quote‘ form or call our office on 0403 829 376 to get started today.

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